Reliability & Flexibility

Data Center with Reliable connectivity

Our servers are hosted in Hurricane Electric, Fremont, CA, a leading business Technical Service Provider, which provides 24/7 knowledgeable high-tech security, HVAC environmental systems, digital surveillance, and conditioned uninterruptible power and connection. Servers are colocated in our state-of-art, highly secured data center featuring 19-inch rack mountable cabinets with fully louvered individually locking doors, high-powered fans, bottom ventilation ducts, clean power from Power Distribution Units (PDUs), digital surveillance system, high-security card key access, and Gigabit Ethernet with multiple OC-48s.

Optimal server environment

Individually locking cabinets all feature standard 19-inch rails, fully louvered doors, louvered tops and high-powered fan with bottom ventilation duct. Each cabinet is equipped with a 550CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) fan to exhaust warm air from the cabinet and pulls in the cooler conditioned air from the oversized air vents located at the bottom of the cabinet to ensure optimal operating temperature. The facility temperature and relative humidity are controlled with redundant HVAC units. This provides an optimal operating environment for servers.

550CFM Ceiling Fan for best ventilation

Redundant HVAC Units for optimal server operation environment

Floor Ventilation to maximize air flow within cabinet


Physical access to the cabinets and servers are tightly controlled and monitored. Each cabinet is individually keyed to limit access to the equipment. Moreover, the entire facility has a card key system that monitors and limits access to specific areas. A 24-hour digital camera security system was custom designed to monitor every entrance into and out of the facility, every hallway and every cabinet.

Every cabinet is individually keyed to limit access to your equipment

Remote Access

We understand your data is sensitive and valuable. Our experienced technical staff can set up a highly secure server environment through access control list (ACL) and firewall configurations. Switch and server configurations will limit remote access to authorized users and prevent malicious attack and hackers on your servers.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

In the unlikely event of a power failure, the backup generator that will power up within seconds (reinforcing the UPS). With refueling contracts, the generator can operate indefinitely.

24/7 Power Generator

The uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) not only provide clean conditioned power, but also powers the servers and switches during the time when a power outage occurs and the emergency generator is active.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power Distribution Units

With the use of Power Distribution Units (PDUs), each cabinet is supplied with the clean power from the UPS. They remove the spike and trough from the power supply which could potentially be damaging to the server hardware. The PDUs also monitor power usage and allow each cabinet to be individually protected with circuit breakers.

PDU to deliver clean power

Dependable server hardware and Operating Systems

Our servers are either Intel Pentium based machines or Sun servers with a minimum of 1024MB of ram. Our servers are running on Linux - CentOS. Our Sun VFire machines are running on Solaris 10.

Full Server monitoring and reporting

In order to ensure your servers are in healthy states, we offer full server monitoring and reporting. This includes a set of graphs that show the health of your servers. Statistics on the CPU, memory usage, disk utilization, TCP connections and uptime will be collected periodically to ensure your servers are in healthy state.

Summary Graphs for server statistics

Graph for memory usage on server over time

Graph for number of TCP Connections

Graph for CPU usage on server

Check out our monitoring and reporting tool for more information.

Bandwidth monitoring

Our traffic monitor will monitor your bandwidth usage 24/7. This includes a set of graphs that show your bandwidth usage on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

Graph for Bandwidth Usage

Visit our sample traffic reporting tool more information.

Tailored Solutions and Pricing Model

First of all, we employ a pay-as-you-go model. We do not set a price with a package of features like other hosting companies. On the contrary, we design the package with the features that you need. You won't end up paying for extra features that you don't need. Your monthly charge is based on the features you pick. As your business grows, additional features may be added to your package any time. We do NOT charge any setup or upgrade fee at all.

Product/ Service Branding

We provide our services and products as “OEM” to our resellers. Resellers are encouraged to talk to our sales representatives on how to brand our products/services with your own logo and company products.