Company Overview


We strive to provide our customers the best IT infrastructure to grow their business including colocation, hosting, consulting and IT services. In this way, our customers are able to focus primarily on their business development and activities.


In late 1990s, our parent company, Dunn Products, started off an e-commerce website to sell scientific equipment online - one of the very few comapnies which targeted online customers. Because there is no off the shelf software or solution we can leverage at that time, we built the infrastructure from scratch. We sourced data center. We procure the necessary servers. We also hired consultants to build the commerce software. We were investing heavily on building the infrastructure to support our growth. We quickly realized that other companies were tackling the same problem. With the expertise we gained, we realized we could offer our expertise to other customers.

From experience to a new era

In early 2000, 3idea was founded and we shifted our focus to provide the same solution we built to other customers. We were offering e-commerce and business web hosting. In addition, we were also offering consulting services for application development and hosting. Since then, we have been expanding our services to include server colocation, declicated servers and virtual machines rental.

Case Studies

BigByte, one of our customers, is an optical drive logistic company. In order to manage the 1000s of drives coming in to the warehouse, going through the production line to going back to the customers, they needed a web based management solution. Our team gathered the requirements, built, tested, hosted, deployed and maintain their application till today.

What is going now

Nowadays, we are providing a full suite of IT services for customers from various industries. IT companies like and are hosting their web sites on our servers. Software startup companies like CarbonFlow, MoBlast and RRRipple have their development, staging, and production environment with us and also leveraging our IT services. They are also leveraging our software application hosting for their source code control (SVN), bugs and issues tracking (Trac), and information sharing (wiki).