Colocation Server and Switch


7U rack space, 5amp power, 10Mbps bandwidth $500/mon


At 3idea, we colocate your server hardware and network equipment. If you already have the server hardware or router or switch and you are looking for a reliable environment and connectivity, the colocation services will best fit for your needs.

Form Factor

Form factor is the industry standard measurement of the height of the server. 1U form factor is approximately equal to 1.25". A typical data center cabinet can mount 40U of equipment. In practice, only 20-25U of equipment can be accommodated in a single cabinet due to the limitation on power that is supplied to the cabinet, room for cabling and efficient ventilation.

Power Consumption and Form Factor

For each 1U equipment, it comes with 1amp of power. If you have a 1U machine that consumes 3amp of power, it will be considered as 3 in the chart.

95% Bandwidth Usage

We measure bandwidth in terms of the sustained bandwidth on 95%. It is used for our billing purpose to determine the customer usage. We used the industry standard way to determine the 95th-percentile bandwidth. For every 5 minutes, we will measure the usage, and discard the highest 5% of the samples and bill on the highest remaining number. This means that exceptional high usage spikes will not cause any dramatic changes in the billing. The 95% usage is taken on the last day of the month and that is the billable bandwidth. There is a common question on how much data is it equivalent to for 128kbps 95% usage. In fact, there is no direct translation. Since 128kbps is the average over the month with the highest 5% discarded while the amount of data is the total, it is difficult to co-relate. Here is the formula that can calculate approximate the amount of data for 128kbps (0.125Mbps) and 1Mbps:

0.125MBit*60sec*60min*24hours*30Days/1024/8 = 40 Gigs of transfer

1MBit*60sec*60min*24hours*30Days/1024/8 = 320 Gigs of transfer

In fact, the amount of monthly traffic will be higher than the above since the top 5% is being discarded and we are assuming 30 days a month.


All cabinets feature standard 19-inch rails, fully louvered doors, louvered tops, a high powered fan, and a bottom ventilation duct. This allows your servers to run in an optimal environment.

This 550CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) fan exhausts the warm air out of your cabinet, and also pulls in the cooler conditioned air to keep your equipment at an optimal operating temperature.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) supply the clean power from the UPSs to your cabinet. The PDUs monitor power usage and allow each cabinet to be individually breakered.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) not only provide clean conditioned power, but also power your equipment during the time between an unlikely power outage and when the emergency generator becomes active.